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We are Committed to Your Health

We believe that every person has got right to get access to healthcare and live a normal life with a healthy body. This can only be possible with the existence of affordable healthcare.

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Our Services

Primary Care

It is a vital point in the treatment as the initial diagnosis of the disease starts here.


Heart diseases can be fatal if not treated at the right time by an experienced physician.


Affordable and cheap medicines can save the life of many poor people.

Urgent Care

It should be affordable as emergency incidents or accidents can happen to anyone.

Newborn Care

Care of newborn babies is important as they have the least immunity power.

Home Visits

Affordable medical facilities should be accessible to poor and physically impaired patients.

Dietician services

Access to a balanced diet can keep many food based diseases away from a patient.

Routine Checkups

Preventive medical care is very important to control diseases at the initial stage.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Health Care

Many important steps of medical care can help to keep a person fit and live life with a healthy mind. Steps like having a routine check-up or having a regular balanced diet can prevent many diseases from turning serious. These simple steps can help a person lead a healthy life within his affordable range.

Meet Our Doctors

Our team of doctors are quite an expert in their respective fields and treat their patients with utmost care. They know the value of affordable health care and hence treat the patients with proper empathy and try to give information on budget healthcare.

Jane Saunders

He is a very senior primary care specialist and can diagnose the disease at the very early stage. He can also guide you about the measures if there is any medical emergency at home.

Jenny Doe

She is a new born care specialist and knows the medical steps which are very much necessary for a new born baby. She can also guide you about the steps of taking care.

Jeff Broderson

He visits various homes and conduct routine check-up of patients. Under his regular care, many people are leading a normal and healthy life.

Your Health Starts Here

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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Better Health Care is Our Mission

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