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According to the latest study in Hong Kong, women who had quit drinking for around four years had healthy and quality of life than those who are having it moderately. The researchers at the University Of Hong Kong School Of Public Health had examined the changes in the drinking patterns of women with changes in mental and physical well being who were from the city’s FAMILY Cohort. The study was mainly based on people who were drinking moderately and those who were non-drinkers. The research was done on women who drank few or 7 pegs and men who drank few or 14 pegs between 2009 and 2013. These readings were compared with that of the results which they have obtained from the Hong Kong school for a varied population who have different drinking behavior. Based on this study using the 12 items short form health survey, their mental and physical well being was recorded.

 The 10,386 participants in FAMILY Cohort had been divided into various categories. People who were drinking in the first survey reported themselves as non-drinkers in the follow-ups and were quitters. People who reported themselves as non-drinkers primarily but were reported to drink later were initiators. People who were reported to be drinking in both the surveys are persistent drinkers. Those who were reported to drink moderately or heavily but had never reported themselves to be drinkers in either of the surveys are the persistent former drinkers. People who had never been reported to be drinking in their life any time are lifetime abstainers. All these participants were older than 18 or 18 years old.

It has been found that people who have stopped drinking alcohol were reported to have the highest levels of mental wellbeing. In U.S. cohorts and Hong Kong women who had quit drinking had great improvement in their mental wellness. The study also says that neither the initiation nor persistent normal drinking for about 4 years was related to better physical and mental well being. The results were the same even after altering the various socio-demographic factors like their smoking habit, BMI, physical activities and self-reported diseases according to the study. Though the study wasn’t able to explain why is there a favorable condition in women who had quit drinking, they have said that moderate drinking might improve the health and provide quality of life. The researchers also said that global alcohol consumption would increase until effective strategies are implemented.