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According to the latest review, the Over the Counter pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen would affect the patient’s psychology. But you need not worry much as the researchers need to work on it more so as to understand its effects in a better way. The researchers also said that if there is social and physical pain overlap then the drugs should reduce both the pains simultaneously.

Studies which were published in 2010-2016 in different research magazines and along with other data unpublished were also considered. According to it, the researchers have said that there are reasons based on which they would come to a conclusion that the OTC pain relievers would affect the people’s sensitivity as well as painful emotional experiences and more.  Most of the people don’t know the effects that Over the Counter medicines would cause on your psychology.

Effects of pain reliever OTC:

One of the studies had shown that people who had taken acetaminophen had reduced the ability to understand others. In the study, which was published in the year 2016, those people were less affected after hearing to the sufferings of the others than those who hadn’t taken the medicine. In another study, the people who had taken acetaminophen had made a greater number of errors while they were playing a game. A study among women who had ibuprofen experienced very less and unpleasant feelings than those who had a placebo. But when the same was tested with male participants it showed a positive experience. The actual mechanism of these medicines on the mental state of a person is unknown said the researcher. The effects of these drugs are pretty complex, feel the researchers. There have been researches going on to know the exact relationship between psychology and the use of these medicines.