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In dietary terms, calories are nothing but the amount of energy a particular food would give you. It’s important for you to have a track on what you are eating else you might gain more weight if you take foods with more energy. When you take very less energy food, you may lose weight along with fat and muscle as well. People who go for a weight loss diet need to look for the number of calories in each food and choosing to eat accordingly. When you use your body energy throughout the day it would definitely make a difference.

The amount of energy our body might use would actually depend on the activities which we perform, our age and the efficiency of our body in order to use energy. According to the dietary guidelines for Americans from 2015-2020, women would need around 1600-2400 calories per day while men would need 2000-3000 calories. The levels might vary based on their age, height, size, lifestyles, activity levels and their overall health as well.

The fact you need to know about calorie intake and usage:

•    Recommended or desired calorie intake would actually depend on various factors like size, age, sex, height, lifestyle and overall health of an individual.

•    In the USA, the recommended intake of calories is about 2500 for men and for women, it’s approximately 2000.

•    It’s always better to have a heavy breakfast would always be beneficial to maintain as well as reduce weight.

•    The brain would use about 20% of your body’s energy.

•    Having a 500-calorie meal that contains vegetables and fruits would provide you with maximum health benefits while keeping your full rather than the snack that has the same calories.

Recommended amount:

The calorie intake would range around 1000 per day for infants who are about 2 years and for active males of 16-18 need 3200 calories. The metabolic rate would decrease with the increase in the number of their years. So, they need less energy than earlier. Women of age 19-25 would need 2000 calories per day but once they reach 51 years, they would just need 1600 calories.


•    Eat breakfast: Always have healthy breakfasts.

•    Regular meals: having regular meals would burn calories in an effective way.

•    Slow-burning calories: go for high fiber foods so that it would take more time to convert to energy.

•    Exercise: helps you to burn those extra calories.